When you breathe with awareness, you connect more fully with your embodiment and become more present at the moment. Breathe expands your belly and chest, and creates more of an opening for your heart to expand into bliss.

This practice is all about awakening the fire and energy of Kundalini Shakti in the body. This is not about desire, but something more – Kundalini Shakti in the body is felt as endless hot energy that will vibrate and charge every cell in the body.

HIgh Paradise

An orgasm is the involuntary, rhythmic contraction of genital muscles followed by the warm, tingling sensation of pleasure radiating through the body. To be sure, bliss can be totally amazing without an amazing orgasm or without any orgasm at all.


Waiting an eternity to surrender yourself to get of the characterised by intensely pleasurable feelings centred in the genitals experienced as an accompaniment like expulsion


Breathing can take us to another world; it can move energy throughout our body. Regulating the breath is also key to having an energy orgasm, the tantric sensual practice of reaching orgasm with no touch at all

Perly Gates

A mesmerizing tantric session that blows the lid off of everything you’ve experienced before. A practice that can be explored and involves the separation of the experience of orgasm from the stimulation required for physical climax.