What is Heaven on Earth

Heaven on Earth is a segment of ancient Tantra Art. It has 7 elements for healing. In Tantra, it is told that there are seven senses not five. These are the Eyes, Nose, Tongue, Ears, Skin, Brain and Heart. The brain can sense the spiritual connection while the Heart can sense the future happenings. But Brain and Heart are always less given attention and more avoided. These 7 elements of this segment has been created to give equal attention to each of the 7 senses.

Bliss is a vital part of life that everybody in search but does not get it and does not know the real path to get it. That needs to be achieved and felt. Not just for physical well-being, but even for mental well-being. In the modern world, where we all have grown customary to our incredibly hectic lifestyles, trying to juggle between our work and social life. More often, we tend to give up on our Bliss & Happiness. We have forgotten the ancient and original concept which is “Bliss is essential for having a psychologically and physically nourishing relationship”.

The Bliss, can be obtained through our all sense organs. By eyes, we can see the beauty of the God’s creations and formations. By ears, we can realise the sound of anything, even the silence. By nose, we can smell the essences of the nature and artificials. We can difference in each other. By tongue, we can taste the hundreds of thousands flavors available in nature. And, by Skin, we can feel the rest of all splendor of the nature. Skin lets us go deeper in our concentration. It also carries the touch messeges up to the mind. Touch is the only way be carried through skin and touch is the only way we can transfer our emotions deeply. Touch transfers the packets of energy which carries the intentions, requests, orders, temptation and grief. Touch can be many types. Some heal us. Some annoy us. Some please us. Some connect us.

The Experience

Heaven to Earth takes you on an adventurous journey towards attaining the ultimate sensual pleasure un-imaginable. Doyen changes your life with the Secrets of Tantra and helps you to attain Sensual, Spiritual and Emotional fulfilment. This program empowers your connection-establishment which taps the innate energy which is present within your body and revels in orgasmic halts like never before. You will be able to discover the different ways in which it will be able to experience physical orgasmic sensation by doing the simplest things, like synchronized breathing, gentle caressing and just being held by your Sishika.